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New, professional, precision workmanship

Focus on strong dust-free clean aerospace environmentally friendly dust-resistant cloth solutions


Focus on the research and development and industrialization of aerospace grade sticky cloth
Meet the needs of aerospace, semiconductor industry, automotive painting and other application technology fields.

TSTC Technology Co., Ltd. (TSTC) was officially established in 2020. The company's core R&D and team members are all from related industries. They all have independent R&D and production capabilities in the application of textile fiber materials industry.

TSTC Current main product lines:

  • Aerospace certified grade sticky cloth
  • Medical-grade cotton swabs (FDA medical material certification in the United States and Taiwan)
  • Dust-free wiping rod (semiconductor packaging, PCB carrier board applications)
  • Various medical products OEM/ODM


Widely used in the three major fields of sea/land/air, it is an indispensable preparatory operation for high-end fabric coating.

  • Automotive/Aircraft Paint Application
  • Semiconductor Industry Applications
  • Carbon fiber and plastic applications
  • Application of Wood Materials

Automotive/Aircraft Paint Application

  • Eliminate surface defects
  • Maintain painted surfaces
  • Improve paint adhesion

Semiconductor Industry Applications

  • Effectively remove stains and dust
  • No residual metal ions, anions, and cations
  • Neutral solvents do not affect the electrical properties of the circuit

Carbon fiber and plastic applications

  • Plastic processing, cutting, drilling cleaning
  • Cleaning before and after processing
  • Cleaning before painting

Application of Wood Materials

  • Grinding, cutting, drilling and cleaning of wooden materials
  • Cleaning before and after processing
  • Cleaning before painting


To help enterprises develop, they chose TSTC.

  • TSTC Technology (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd.
    • Tel:13962161412
    • Contact:Mr. Zhao
    • Address:No. 96 Huaihe Road, Hongze Economic Development Zone, Hongze District, Huai'an City, Jiangsu Province

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